The Hartwig Story ...

Rüdiger Hartwig, an experienced designer and RF Technician for more than 30 years, founded his own company in the early Eighties as a service location for Motorola and EADS fixed and mobile radio systems.

He gave support to other companies involved in designing wireless modules for cranes and railway companies, and is now focused on the design of LNA and power amplifiers from lower VHF to Microwave.

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Customized Power Amplifiers available between lower VHF and > 10 GHz at various power levels on request. QUICK SPECS

L - Band 1200 MHz mW to 50 Watt
S - Band 3400 MHz mW to 50 Watt
C - Band 4500 MHz to 6800 MHz mW to 50 Watt
X - Band 10 - 14 GHz mW to 30 Watt


Low Noise Preamplifiers (LNA) available between lower VHF and > 10 GHz.
Low cost tin housing - Outdoor unit weather proof housing - Professional milled housing

Broadband 30 - 3000 MHz
Narrow band S - Band to X - Band
S - Band 1200 MHz
S - Band 3400 MHz
C - Band 4500 - 6800 MHz
X - Band 8000 - 14000 MHz


Offering a wide varity of mixers from DC to > 10 GHz, low LO - level up to 13 dBm QUICK SPECS


Switches DC - 6 GHz with up to < 33 dBm input power, low loss and fast switching time. QUICK SPECS


Broadband amplifiers are in stock as low level (20 dBm) driver up to 3 GHz and as LNA with high gain from ~ DC to 3 GHz. QUICK SPECS


Wideband BIAS - T to feed DC - Voltage to preamplifiers on towers, DC - 10 GHz with low loss. QUICK SPECS

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